Opinion: Get Over Yourself Cardi B

Opinion: Get Over Yourself Cardi B

It’s abhorrent for Cardi B to drop the N-word (I’m specifically referencing it’s usage in her hit song: Money), period.

Cardi B’s parents are of Hispanic and East Indian descent, of the Dominican Republic and Trinidad; yet Cardi says she identifies as Black, and backs this stating all Hispanics come from African descent (…my own Chilean wife, of Mapuche indian, Spanish, and French descent begs to differ).

Now I understand Caribbean culture is a hard thing to nail down origin wise, and she indeed most likely does have some margin of African blood in her veins, but my counter argument would be utilizing myself as an example. I myself am mixed, my mother being Irish, Romanian, and my father (RIP) was Norwegian and Mongolian…

Welcome to story time: going through my own family history and tracing our tree recently revealed that things aren’t so “white” coming from my father’s Norwegian side. Much to my surprise, my 4th great grandmother was a French born black woman of direct African lineage, and she married into the Norwegian side of my family. Long story short, this makes me a very minor 1/64th Black. That sounds silly, I get it.

Let’s use the above in comparison to Cardi B “identifying as Black”. Let’s say for the sake of argument that I myself now choose to identify as Black due to having a trace amount of African blood in my own veins….is it okay for me to drop the racial slur and place the N-word in my own creative works? NO. No, it is not. Stop it, Cardi B.

Just because you enjoy a particular culture, it doesn’t mean you are simply allowed to appropriate it. Case in point: I love and respect Japanese culture, but I’m not claiming it as my own or identifying as Japanese. Just stop.

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